... about Another Thousand Mountains:

“Unique, tender, wise, compassionate and beautiful”

–Margie Gillis C.M.,C.Q. (choreographer, mentor, performer, teacher)

“Another Thousand Mountains simply asserts the fresh, natural, live body. Strong, assertive, defiant, political while remaining open-handed, real, and humble. Anti-elitist without giving up rigour or virtuousity. ATM was remarkable to me in that it did not look or feel like any other dance work that I know. It is so rare that I see dance that is so strongly rooted in the heart, and makes a political statement while still being art, coming from the lineage of western theatre dance.”

– Dawne Carleton (dance artist, instructor, creative process facilitator)

“Another Thousand Mountains fit in seamlessly with a particular stream of attention, concentration, fascination, enjoyment that is both present in the primal/primordial sense as well as in our accrued cultural sense. The whole program was presented rather like a good album, or a thoroughly digestible book of poetry. Elements coming in and out of relief and forefront in a nonchalantly stark way. The focus and how the elements were relating was always shifting, keeping the viewer active and unable to take anything for granted, which translated into an engaging and entertaining whole. 
The piece Animals was an invitation to a magical ability we all have - to imagine and manifest (animals in this case). Animals are our ancestors too. We have so much in common with, and so much to be grateful to animals for. They trigger our dream life, our hopes and fears and a sense of strengths we may possess in some nook of our being. We were all born, and we all inherit the beauty and horror, elegance and brutishness, excitement and banality of our past, this world, and our former, or imagined animal lives. How that manifests in each of us is unique and wonderful - as each crystal holds the same seed, but follows a different path to become itself, so does or imagination, and our ability to manifest.

The courage to be simple, innocent, naive, touched by colour or joy or imagining frees those who witness to be in the presence of their own joyful childish courage.”
- Doug Tielli (musician, composer)

Barbara Lindenberg MFA
choreographer • performer • facilitator

I love live performance for the sense of longing that it brings, reminding us of the desire to understand each other. I love dancing for the transformative potential it holds, for the beautiful metaphors and for the power of dance to generate elemental and human connections. And much more…

I create and present contemporary dance for formal and informal venues including site-specific work. I have traveled a great deal to train, learn, create and perform but have based most of my work in Toronto including co-directing Up Darling Contemporary Dance with Aimée Dawn Robinson, which supported 5 performance events featuring new works by peers, mentors and emerging artists.

In my latest set of dances, Another Thousand Mountains, I collaborated with dancers Jennifer Helland, Andrya Duff, Meredith Thompson, and Mairéad Filgate and musicians Victoria Cheong, Jennifer Castle, and Isla Craig to create a performance with a contrasting sense of looseness and precision: wildness while being grounded. ATM was like a ship on the sea on a strong course for it's destination but moved about by the waves coming up from the depths and the winds from the far reaches of the sky and cosmos.

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